Package Testing

You created a beautiful product with care, now take it that last mile and package it for transit beautifully as well. PeriShip has the skills and experience to provide guidance on how to pack and ship your specific product type for the transit time you are looking to use.

PeriShip conducts test shipments with our customers in order to test a number of packaging and shipping factors, including package durability, temperature control, and product presentation under everyday "real shipping" scenarios.

Our practical knowledge of the Express and Ground shipping environment as well as innovative solutions for shipping most perishables will allow us to make recommendations for a packaging system that works for you. There are many factors that affect the quality of your product and the integrity of your package during transit. PeriShip leverages twenty-five years of experience in the industry and embraces a proactive approach to successful packaging.

To set up a packaging and shipping test with our team please reach out to us at or directly to your PeriShip sales representative. To review PeriShip’s Packaging Tips.

How To Ship Perishable Foods