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Shipping sushi, chowder, cheesecakes or specialties? PeriShip can help.

Perishables are time sensitive!

Timely information together with effective exceptions management and resolution processes, is critical to the creation of repeat business and customer loyalty. In every transaction, we deliver results that constantly exceed our customer's expectations particularly during Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and every other major holiday.

By shipping with PeriShip you will streamline your process which gives you more time to concentrate on your core business of sourcing, producing, and selling fantastic products. You can rest assured that a team of logistic professionals is managing your shipments and providing timely issue resolution.

Most importantly, we act as an extension of our customers by taking interest and pride in their business as if it were our own. Whether it's a reattempt because the restaurant is closed, a loading dock being full, an incorrect address on the package, or a package that is returned/rerouted/expedited; we ensure timely actions and follow up - even on Saturday and Sunday, if needed. We understand that you want your shipments of perishable products in your customer's hands when they need to be there, and if for any reason there is a delay, you want early and concise information that can be used to reshape the expectations of all involved.

We understand that you want your product in the customers hands when they need it to be there; unfortunately, things don't always go according to plan. If for any reason there is a delay we know early and concise information is key. We aim to reshape expectations ASAP with the information we have. Our goal is for all parties involved in the process to feel their needs were considered, to feel they are important as a customer.

If a shipment is delayed, you'll know in time to handle it, rather than being startled by a customer calling at 5p.m. on Friday to locate their package. With PeriShip, you always know the exact status of all your shipments and have access to:

  • Professional and qualified US based Customer Service.
  • Proactive, real-time updates based on weather impact.
  • Customized shipping alerts.
  • Forecasting tools.
  • Specialized perishable goods packaging consulting and testing.
  • Highly customized pricing structure and
  • eCommerce integration framework based on industry standard technologies.

Since 2001, PeriShip has been providing support to start-ups and established eCommerce businesses by sharing critical shipping know-how and by deploying specialized customer service support. Our Team understand that a delivery last mile is a decisive moment for your business and we do our best to solve small delivery problems before they become big ones.

Are you looking for Flat Rate Shipping? We can help you determine if Flat Rate shipping is right for you, and also help you with the Free Shipping Dilemmas you may be having.

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