PeriShip Team

At PeriShip, our commitment to the shipper and the recipient runs deep through our team.

PeriShip prides ourselves not only just on the service and technology we offer our shippers, but also the diverse knowledge and skill set each team member brings to the table.

Meet Our Management Team

The leadership team at PeriShip is comprised of:

Luciano Morra- CEO of PeriShip

Luciano Morra

President & Chief Executive Officer

Luciano is responsible for providing strategic direction and overseeing the planning and operation of all services provided by PeriShip. With over thirty years as a transportation and logistics professional, Luciano's experience includes leadership positions at FedEx® where he was tasked with the timely and safe movement of thousands of medical and perishable food packages, and for the safety and security of people and assets. While at FedEx®, Luciano developed international training initiatives aimed at improving the FedEx® global program with major shippers. He left FedEx® in 2000 to become Vice President of Logistics and Vendor Relations at an Internet B2B Exchange serving the perishable food industry. There he directed the development of the supplier base needed to support the trading platform and supervised the creation of packaging systems for the shipment of fresh perishable food products. In December 2001 he left the company to found PeriShip. Luciano understood that shippers and receivers of perishable food products need a different level of attention, customer service, and issue resolution capabilities. Luciano is committed in building strong relations amongst the supply chain participants in the effort of enhancing the customer service experience and the overall supply chain performance.

Fred G. Volk, III- Director of Operations

Fred G. Volk, III

Vice President of Operations

As Vice President of Operations, Fred is responsible for PeriShip's system performance and quality control. Fred oversees all aspects of PeriShip's supply chain services and manages a team charged with understanding the diverse needs of all PeriShip customers - along with exceeding their lofty expectations. Fred has cultivated over 22 years of supply chain expertise, which includes many years at FedEx®. Throughout his tenure there, he worked in multiple leadership positions across the Transportation, Logistics, and Customer Service spaces, allowing him to become intimately familiar with the principles required for operational effectiveness. With later experiences in leadership positions at various local law enforcement agencies, Fred's accomplished acumen spans from supply chain management to compliance, and beyond. Today at PeriShip, Fred continues to raise the bar for our customers by relentlessly ensuring high standards on all aspects of the PeriShip Customer Experience, and has spearheaded multiple internal initiatives designed to protect PeriShip's preeminence in providing the highest-quality shipping experience possible. As PeriShip continues to benefit from the leadership and direction he provides, Fred remains committed to ever-improving PeriShip's operational performance, and is directly responsible for the spirit of excellence and constant improvement that PeriShip customers have come to expect.

Jack Wang

Jack Wang

Chief Information Officer

Jack Wang joined PeriShip in December 2011 as the Chief Information Officer after spending 25 years in information technology and 20 years working in travel, transportation and logistics. In addition to the leadership responsibility of daily IT operation, Jack is also responsible for the strategic development of PeriShip's next generation infrastructure and future business plans. Prior to joining PeriShip, Jack served as the head of IT operations and development at the Package Portfolio division of United Parcel Service. At UPS, Jack led a staff of 480 which provided IT services for worldwide package operations. Before UPS, Jack was the managing director of Continental Airlines, where he was responsible for strategic system architecture and development as well as providing IT services for many of the airline's customer facing systems. Many of the core systems that Jack instituted at Continental Airlines were eventually selected as the baseline systems for the new United Airlines. Jack holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from State University of New York at New Paltz.

Curt Kole

Curt Kole

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

As an established thought leader in the Cold Chain logistics space, Curt has over 30 years of sales, marketing, and leadership experience in the transportation and logistics industry. Having spent over 17 of these years at FedEx® Custom Critical, Curt was intimately involved in the development of their highly-specialized Cold Chain suite of services, and indispensable to their entry into the Pharmaceutical market. Following his experience at FedEx®, Curt spent a combined 10 years in the truckload and global cryogenics spaces, has been an established panelist on Cold Chain logistics at numerous industry conferences, and is a current member of both the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) and Health and Personal Care Logistics Council (HPCLC). Curt's multimodal experience spans across parcel, LTL, truckload and international commerce, and amply covers virtually all dimensions of the cold chain logistics sector. In his new role as Vice President of Sales and Business Development at PeriShip, Curt's in-depth knowledge of Cold Chain logistics and his strong leadership skills are a welcome addition to our company.

Amanda C. Morra- Director of Business Improvement

Amanda C. Morra

Director of Business Improvement

Amanda C. Morra joined PeriShip in April 2013 as the Director of Business Improvement. With a background in program management and business process improvement, Ms. Morra looks to provide meaningful results for all of PeriShip’s partners. She researches and implements the best practices in customer service, perishable packaging, shipping, and ecommerce solutions. Her past experience includes consulting, assisting, and monitoring states in managing their human services programs. Ms. Morra has also been a part of teams responsible for strategic planning and the implementation of opening human services offices in local counties. Amanda holds a Master of Business Administration from Clark University and a Bachelor degree from the College of the Holy Cross.

Jeff Bladon

Jeff Bladon

Director of Data Architecture and Administration

Jeff Bladon started partnering with PeriShip in 2013 as a consultant, working on the design and implementation of PeriShip's next generation infrastructure. Jeff then joined the PeriShip team permanently in 2014 as the Director of Technology. Jeff continues to implement new technologies in database and application design, maintaining PeriShip's premier status in logistics and the shipping business. Before joining PeriShip Jeff started at Continental Airlines while attending Arizona State University. After graduation Jeff continued with Continental, working in many aspects of the operations. In 2001 Jeff brought his operational experience to the technology department of Continental, where he managed the team that created the customer notification system. During the merger of Continental Airlines and United Airlines Jeff worked with departments from both airlines as well as venders to help implement the largest technology merger in the travel industry at that time. Jeff spent 35 years working in the airline industry before starting his consulting company, and then joining PeriShip.

Christopher Sutton, Jr.

Christopher Sutton, Jr.

Director, Human Resources

Chris Sutton is Director of Human Resources, overseeing all aspects of PeriShip’s HR operations. Chris manages and directs the design, maintenance and administration of all HR functions including staffing, talent development, employee relations, technology, benefits and compensation. Chris proactively and strategically translates concepts into actionable items to improve productivity and efficiency of HR and operational capability. Chris brings to PeriShip extensive leadership and operating experience in human resources and general management across organizations spanning multiple industries. Prior to joining PeriShip, Chris held positions at the Advanced Medical Technology Association, an international trade association representing the medical device industry, and Oxford Global Resources, Inc., a global IT support services firm. Chris holds a Master of Business Administration from The George Washington University.


Leslie Colbert

Director of Contact Center Operations

Leslie is the Director of Contact Center Operations and holds responsibility for leading the day-to-day operation of PeriShip’s customer contact center while also focusing on strategy and definition for future designs and implementations to ensure the contact center is ready to meet the needs required to provide a stress-free shipping and receiving experience. Joining PeriShip in April of 2019, Leslie brought with her an extensive background in leading and managing customer contact centers as well as defining and executing optimal customer experience interactions throughout her 30 years at Continental and United Airlines. As Managing Director, Tactical Performance her responsibilities included development and implementations of front-end applications, training, communication, policies and procedures. While in this role she developed and held responsibilities for the travel advisory program which provided flexible options for customers to make changes during unplanned events causing concern for travel. Additionally, her knowledge and experience include e-commerce operations and customer experience.

Meet Some of Our Team

What makes the PeriShip team so great? Just let some of our team members tell you:

What's your favorite part of the job?

"Helping shippers to grow their businesses and the satisfaction that comes with that success."

Sal Messina

Sales and Operations Specialist


Joe Carney

Account Specialist

Favorite part of my job: "Interacting with our shipping partners and learning more about their business, as well as the products they ship."


Mary Valenti

Executive Admin. to CEO & Revenue Protection

Favorite part of my job: "Talking to different customers every day, and helping to resolve their issues."

What's your favorite part of the job?

"Learning new technology."

Serge Tolchinsky

Systems Engineer

What's your favorite part of the job?

"Informing, helping, and building relationships."

Tamara Mack

Account Specialist


Barbara Vander Eyk

Customer Experience Specialist

Favorite part of my job: "Talking to our customers every day."


Aaron Ahern

Account Specialist

Favorite part of my job: "Making sure that our recipients get their vital shipments."

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