Our History

PeriShip is a value added service provider that has been providing outstanding service and support to shippers and receivers of food and perishable products since 2001.

PeriShip was founded on the belief that there was a void in the in shipping industry: shippers and receivers of perishable food products, when they encountered an interruption in their supply chain flow, had their issue handled the same way a shipper of books, pens, or apparel would have its issue handled: with a “one size fits all” approach. There was no understanding that a perishable package needed a different level of visibility and issue resolution due to the sensitive nature and emotional expectation that comes with these types of shipments. Hence, PeriShip was born.

Since 2001, major changes in shipping practices have been established across the board following our higher standards. PeriShip handles ground and air shipments - its primary customers are purveyors of perishable food products such as: seafood, specialty gourmet products, meat, produce, and high value products like caviar. PeriShip also works with e-commerce companies that sell prepared meals, cheeses, and other specialty items B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer).

PeriShip always places the needs of the Supply Chain ahead of its own

PeriShip’s technology platform was developed from the ground up to proactively address the needs of our shippers, carriers, and recipients. We have applied our patent pending forecasting technology to our logistic management process to cater to the needs of the supply chain stakeholders. Everything at PeriShip is built around our core business philosophy of “managing the loop relationship”. What this means is simple: everything starts and ends with the recipient of the package. It seems that sometimes this basic, yet very important fact gets overlooked. We know these shipments have more than just dollar values attached to them; customers really care about the items they order and are disappointed if something goes wrong. Without the customer there is no business so keeping their needs, wants, desires, and best interest in mind is key.

PeriShip provides end-to-end management, actively monitoring each shipment within the system via flight status, weather, local traffic, and more. Our business is based on proactiveness and quick exchange of information amongst supply chain stakeholders. We understand that if information is not exchanged quickly it perishes just the same as the goods we handle. PeriShip’s services have greatly improved the ability of both internal and external customers to ensure delivery on the commitment day, that transit and customer issues are handled properly, and to avoid as many claims and returns as possible.

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