Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the Q&A's provided below. If you have any questions that remain unanswered feel free to contact via:
PHONE: Direct 203-315-8637 | toll-free 866-928-6428

Q. Do other companies do what you do?

A. We are imitated but never duplicated. No, there are no other companies that treat your shipments as they were our own. We deploy human, operational, and technological assets with the single-minded goal of making your perishable shipping experience stress-free (including pre and post-shipment activities).

Q. Why should I be interested in the PeriShip service?

A. By having PeriShip manage your shipments you and your team will have an opportunity to concentrate on the core business tasks of producing, sourcing, and selling exceptional products and perhaps develop new business concepts – PeriShip takes over the day to day tactical execution and monitoring of your shipments allowing you to pursue more strategic and value centric task.

PeriShip's job is to ensure that by analyzing with its proprietary system a rapid and vast array of data points including weather conditions , and working in close contact with all supply chain stakeholders, your products arrives in restaurant kitchens, retail stores, and consumer’s hands when expected. We have extensive IT and personnel resources otherwise not available to be allocated to these kinds of logistics and customer service tasks. With our state of the art call center we become an extension of your shipping department.

Q. What will PeriShip do that I can't do myself?

A. Ask yourself this question: How many times have you discovered late in the day - or possibly days later - that a shipment did not make it to its destination?

Think about how much time you spend on the phone dealing with your carrier's customer service department, tracking packages, dealing with incorrect addresses, closed businesses, delayed packages, and other issues.

Or, if you had better price structures and/or more efficient packaging, would you be more successful with your overnight shipping program?

PeriShip can help.

Q. How do I receive information about the status of my shipments?

A. PeriShip ensures that you are always aware of your shipment status. We rely on emails and broadcasts to keep you in control of your shipments. However, we are only a phone call away, no automated or recorded messages. A live person will greet you and be ready to help any time you call - six days per week. If an issue develops in transit, you will receive meaningful information early in the day that will enable you to reshape your customer's expectations. No more guessing games or misinformed customers.

Q. Do I have self-serve capabilities on your website?

A. Absolutely. 24/7. Many of the reporting, tracking capabilities, and tools are very unique and were designed with shippers of perishable products in mind. From weather and traffic alerts directly tied into your shipments, to network weather broadcasts and detailed reporting, you have everything you need to price, ship, stay informed, and analyze your shipping activities.

Q. I have an issue during off-hours. What do I do?

A. PeriShip’s team and technology is constantly monitoring your shipment around the clock. You can log onto your PeriShip Customer Portal 24 hours a day 7 days a week to track packages and take advantage of all of the tools and resources available to our shippers. Our phones are live and staffed 6 days a week from 7AM-8PM; and often are reachable via email at even quicker. If an emergency occurs when our live office is not open send an e-mail and we will tackle the issue as soon as possible.

Q. What else do you do for me?

A. In addition to taking over the management of your daily express shipping activities, PeriShip provides extended customer service support.

Our website offers full search capabilities for every single package you ship under a personal account number we provide you. You can obtain proof of deliveries and other useful information for packages shipped - one, two... five years ago. Other reports are also available to increase your cost control and forecast capabilities.

Also, with the PeriShip price calculator you can accurately estimate your price-per-pound on the net or the gross, and can always be aware of your true costs. No surprises. We also provide you -- throughout the year -- with a supply of specially designed pressure sensitive labels that, once applied to your box, provide an enhanced level of visibility while your shipment is in transit within the shipping system.

Q. How detailed is the shipping info exactly?

A. As a PeriShip client you may access your account information on our website, including delivery forecasting, real-time package information, one-click account analytics, ecommerce consulting, and your account history. These tools enable us to manage your shipments so you can focus on your core business, and they provide both of us with insights that will help us work together more efficiently. Our industry-specific knowledge and technology allow us to be able to identify how your packages are transiting through the networks, and make suggestions when we see abnormalities in transit. The information available on the PeriShip Customer Portal allows you, the shipper, to have package-specific information available at the click of a mouse – including predicted transit time and current package status. Looking for more details? Email PeriShip ( with your suggestions, questions, or requests.

Q. How do I start working with PeriShip?

A. Start by filling out a Client Registration Form. This process only takes few minutes, is confidential and does not obligate you in any way whatsoever. After we receive your registration form, we will be in touch with you in less than 24 hours.

Q. Is it expensive to work with PeriShip?

A. PeriShip is a value-added service provider – meaning there are no additional fees to use PeriShip’s services beyond the negotiated shipping costs. PeriShip is able to provide an enhanced level of service and support and provide a solution that does not requires extra fees or high prices and can be used with most products. With the efficiencies built in to PeriShip’s services we could save you and your company money! Many successful companies in the prepared meal business, wellness juices, and other vertical markets came to PeriShip with a product and an idea and we supported them when nobody else would. This allowed them, like many other companies, to build their business models and market share with our support.

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