Shipping Solutions for the Perishable
Foods Industry



We pride ourselves in providing the best services in the industry and help our customers grow their businesses. Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations in each transaction. We have hundreds of customers and the following testimonials are only few of the many we periodically receive. These testimonials illustrate that with PeriShip our customers are able to excercise greater operational control over their shipping processes, communications and issue resolutions.


Russ And Daughters "Before PeriShip, shipping perishable products seemed like such a gamble. Now we know that that every package that leaves our door will be closely watched by PeriShip until it reaches its destination. PeriShip's ability to resolve situations, expedite deliveries and keep everyone informed is consistent and impressive. Our customers are much more comfortable knowing that their package is getting superior service. The incredible thing about PeriShip is that they actually deliver on what they promise." - Niki Russ Federman, 4th Generation, Russ & Daughters, New York City, New York

The Crab Broker "The service provided to us by PeriShip has been remarkable!" Their attention to detail allows us to work on sales, not on pickups, tracking and problem solving. The performance of PeriShip is unmatched!" - Rob George, The Crab Broker, Las Vegas, Nevada

American Mussel Harvesters, Inc. "I wanted to drop you a note to tell you just how great your team and the PeriShip service has been for American Mussel Harvesters..." American Mussel Harvesters, Inc., North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Murray's Cheese "The PeriShip label seals confidence with each shipment. Their above-and-beyond service allows us to focus on development instead of shipping exceptions. " - Murray's Cheese, New York City, New York

Katz Delicatessen "PeriShip tracks my packages, keeps me and my customers informed, solves probles, and doesn't waste my time. " - Ken Kohn, Katz Delicatessen, New York City, New York

Ben's Chili Bowl "Since 2002 Ben's Chili Bowl has been shipping perishables items ... " - Michael Kipp, Ben's Chili Bowl, Washington, D.C.

Catalina Offshore Products "By switching to PeriShip we were able to minimize the stress related to tracking an high number of shipments per week... " - Debbie Brooks, Accountant/Sales Representative, Catalina Offshore Products, Inc., San Diego, California

Sea Fare Expositions, Inc. "We've been using PeriShip for more thanfour years and they've made our job a whole lot easier... " - Peter Redmayne, Sea Fare Exposition, Seattle, Washington

Wild Salmon Seafood Company. "Our partnership with PeriShip allows us to ship with a greater peace of mind, as their "behind the scenes" work ensures out deliveries will be made on time... " - Paula Cassidy, Wild Salmon Seafood Market

Uoriki Fresh "The Periship logistics solution is the way to prevent lost shipments, reduce labor hours, and keep happy customers. Truly an integral part of our business." - Michael McNicholas, Uoriki Fresh, Secaucus, New Jersey

Fat Witch Bakery "PeriShip defines the word service, always resolving problems and answering questions. Our brownies are baked without preservatives so it's imperative that our packages arrive in a timely fashion. PeriShip is a guardian angel watching over our packages." - Patricia Helding, Fat Witch Bakery, New York City, New York