By leveraging PeriShip’s extensive logistic operational knowledge, we have built a highly integrated operation dashboard, PeriTrack® based on the latest technologies. This operation dashboard gives PeriShip customer resolution specialists a 360° view of shipping activity. The design and implementation of PeriTrack is based on the requirements of real‐time data consumption, “Big Data” analysis, and cloud computing.

PeriTrack® features tools tailored for shippers of perishable goods which include the In-Transit Shipment Tracker. This tool provides details on the unique shipper’s in-transit shipments, with the ability to click on individual shipments.

However, PeriTrack alone is not sufficient to exceed the expectations of the Supply Chain Stakeholders. An outstanding team of customer resolution specialists based in the U.S. makes it all possible. Our team has an exceptional rapport with our customers, and shares a deep appreciation for the challenges shippers and receivers of perishable food products encounter. This shared appreciation makes the PeriShip team a proven and reliable partner.

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Being industry leaders highly attuned to the needs of the marketplace, PeriShip recognized the need for a dynamic ecommerce tool to help launch new businesses build their online shop. Thus PeriCart was born, an ecommerce platform that can quickly be up and running for its users. The unique quality of PeriCart is that it is specifically designed for the perishable shipper - many online platforms exist but few can complement the needs of the perishable food world. PeriCart can do that and much more. Email today to receive more information on this ecommerce solution for perishable shippers.